canvas home is a collection of modern, sustainable home goods, inspired by the beauty of hand crafted objects. ‘Simple, sustainable, style’ perfectly summarises our design philosophy and world goals.

They believe a blank canvas is something full of possibilities and with unlimited potential. At canvas home they celebrate the beauty of natural materials that are crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes. Their pieces are timeless in their design and useful in their purpose.

They strive to use materials that are sustainably sourced, be it reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or fast growing bamboo fibres. They believe in supporting artisans in developing countries and give 10% of their profits to organisations supporting artisan groups and are proud sponsors of the Canvas Home Small Grants Program, which is run in conjunction with Aid to Artisans. They have also discovered many amazing craftspeople throughout Europe and the United States.

Designing beautiful things for the home is their driving passion. By offering a range of sophisticated pieces that work perfectly well together as a collection or paired with other treasured items, you will be sure to enjoy them longer and cherish them forever.

2016 EVENT - Throwing and Glazing Ceramics

57 Amwell Street, Islington, London, EC1R 1UR

+44 (0)20 7833 2000